"Lolita’s Daughter is my recommended choice for parties-with-a-twist. Love the petite Hors d'œuvre, the lovely presentation and the whole heartedness put into every morsel of food. Love is food, and food is love, when it comes to Lolita’s Daughter…”

-Jade W-
PR Consultant,
Mustard Tree Communications

"Thank you for making my bachelorette party cuisine exquisite yet extremely yummy as well! I was so touched that y'all even went into decorating the starters with pearls and strips of lace,it could not be any classier a dinner :) also I seriously appreciated the fact y'all understood my budget and tried hard to keep everything within limits. Super love your lemon macaroons!!"

Shelby of

Lolita's daughter provides really good food for our events! With tasty treats and reliable service, its food catering from the heart! Great Job!

Amy Tan
Just Dance Magazine